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About Photo Experience Days
Photo Experience Days was founded and is run by Michael Palmer.

Who is Michael Palmer?

Michael Palmer is a professional photographer who has spent the last 15 years travelling around the world, photographing some of the world’s best landscapes, stunning weddings, beautiful models, talented musicians and fitness competitors.

His work has been published internationally in Canada, USA, South Africa and the UK. His many achievements include being published regularly in several top fitness magazines such as Muscle Fitness and Planet Muscle and being invited backstage to shoot big events such as WBFF, Rewind festival and Let’s Rock.

Mike has a passion for photography and he wants others to share it too. He launched Photo Experience Days so he can share some of his secrets with you and help you become the best photographer you can be. With Photo Experience Days running internationally, he has held over 450 experience days and helped over 4000 people to get off auto, improve their photography skills and take great photos that they are proud of.

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My web site / marketing person has suggested I put up a friendly looking photo of myself.  Finding such images was probably much harder than it should have been.  Note to self, get some decent photos of yourself taken...

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Photo Experience Day Review
"I enjoyed the day and learned a lot. It was a well designed programme as we had time to tackle one or two things at a time which is so helpful when one is keen to get the best out of a camera but lacks confidence being a her overwhelmed by tech speak etc.  I appreciated the info before the day and best of all the flow chart afterwards as now I will be able to go through my pics with my friends -and essentially my son (who bought me the day) and explain exactly what we did, EXCELLENT!!!!"