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Terms & Conditions
This is not a legal document as such, more of a common sense agreement between a group of like minded people.

The fee you are paying for the PED Holidays is for...
  • the planning of the trip (flights hotels etc)
  • preparing the photographic itinerary (where / when / what we visit)
  • being on hand to help with any photography related questions throughout the trip

Like any UK based PED you’ll be responsible for your own costs; flights, hotels, food, insurance, etc.

I am not a travel agent / tour company, so I will be making various recommendations for flights, hotels, car rental. They’ll be discussed and approved or not on a group basis. You are responsible for making your own bookings, and you accept that I am not liable for any added costs relating to companies going out of business, double booking etc.

You will be responsible for ensuring you have appropriate travel insurance.

Any group expenses (ie rental cars) will be split equally between everyone in the group.

Invoices will be sent approximately 60 days prior to the date of the trip.

Trips are given a green light based on the number of people confirming interest and booking.

Should you wish to cancel your place no refunds will be given for the PED fee, unless said place can be rebooked (ie another person wants to come on the trip).  All other cancellation fees will obviously be between you and the vendor.

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