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Kiev / Chernobyl / Pripyat Photo Experience Holiday
We're going to Chernobyl, again!  This will be visit number nine to Ukraine, and something a little bit different. 

The plan this time is to fly to Kyiv as normal, overnight in the city, and then jump straight into a 2-day tour of the Chernobyl zone.  From there we'll return to Kyiv, spend the following day in the city, and then, we catch a train heading west.   Or, if you want, you can of course catch a flight home from Kyiv instead.

Dates are Sunday 18th November to

Ukraine Airways
Outbound flight - Gatwick to Kyiv - 12:20 to 17:40 on Sun 18th Nov (Confirmed and booked)
Return flight - Kyiv to London on Weds 21st Nov.

Saturday 17th November  - Overnight in Heathrow hotel (tbc)
Sunday 18th November - Fly to Kyiv / Overnight in Kyiv
Monday 19th November - Day one of Chernobyl Tour / Overnight in Chernobyl Hotel.
Tuesday 20th November  - Day two of Chernobyl Tour / Overnight in Kyiv
Wednesday 21st November - Day in Kyiv / Train to Lviv or flight home / Overnight in Lviv
Thursday 22nd November - Day in Lviv, Overnight train to Budapest and onwards to Innsbruck.
Friday 23rd November - Overnight in Innsbruck
Saturday 24th November - Overnight in Zurich
Sunday 25th November - Overnight in Interlaken
Monday 26th November - Overnight in Interlaken
Tuesday 27th November - Travel from Interlaken to London (via Eurotunnel)

Maximum number for this trip will be 10 people.   

You must be over 18 to go on the Chernobyl Tour.

Flights, Hotels, Trains - Booked directly by you 
PED - £175.00 (this is the amount I charge for the PED)
Chernobyl Tour - $$$ - This amount varies depending on the number of people on the tour - it is payable in USD directly to our guide in Kyiv.   It includes, 2 days inside the zone, 1 night in the Chernobyl hotel, meals on all 2 days, transfers to/from Kyiv airport.

Please contact me via my contact page

PED Holiday Terms & Conditions

Kiev Hotel
We'll be staying at the Ukraine Hotel in central Kyiv.  It's situated in Independence Square and has the most amazing views from the top floors.  It's a bit soviet era, but I think it's worth that to be able to access the views any time of the day or night.

Hotel website - http://www.ukraine-hotel.kiev.ua/en 

Hotel prices are from around  50 euros a night.

The Tour
The cost for a private 2 day tour, including 3 meals and overnight in a Chernobyl hotel is $320 USD for 5 people. This figure will rise/fall depending on the number of people who go.   This price includes transfers to/from the airport.

The tour will be booked with a known and trusted contact, arguably the best tour guide for Chernobyl.  So good that the Top Gear team used him during their visit.

At time of booking I ask that people book the flights and Kyiv hotel.

The fee for the PED will be invoiced around in October 2018. 

Additional Information
The Chernobyl hotel is basic dormitory style accommodations.   We will only be in rooms with people from our group.   The rooms are not ensuite, but are clean and modern toilet / shower facilities are available just across the corridor.  

The itinerary of Day 1 (in Chernobyl) is kinda brutal.  Start at 8am in Kiev and we didnít stop for dinner until around 7pm. There were no facilities, or places to eat and drink, so we'll be taking water / snacks with us to consume throughout the day.

Day 2 is more relaxed, with breakfast at 0800, and a stop for lunch in Chernobyl around 4pm before heading back to Kiev.
Iím quite a fussy eater, but most of their food was fairly basic and I was able to eat most of what I was given. You might want to bring a supply of cereal bars or something just incase.

There is much to see and do in Kyiv.  Independence Square, St Sophia Cathedral, Lavra, St Michael's Cathedral, St Andrew's Church, Motherland Statue, Dymano Kiev Stadium, Aircraft Museum.  

While inside the zone, long trousers, proper shoes, and long sleeve tops need to be worn.

There will not be a detailed itinerary for any of the days, we'll decide as a group where we want to go and when etc.

Currently everything is quite / very cheap for us in Ukraine.  A trip on the metro under 10p.   During the May 2015 trip, lunch for 4 people, including drinks in a very central (and nice) cafe came to £12 in total.

Please note.  This is not a formal teaching event, although I will of course be there to help with any photography related questions you might have.

Sunrise / sunset times for Kyiv will be approx 07:30 to 16:00.
Time Difference: Ukraine is in GMT +2, so it is 2 hours ahead of British time.
Plug socket is normal European type (ie two round pins).
It is not recommended to drink the tap water.

Get in touch via the contact form if you'd like more information or want to book your place.



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