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A slightly revised format for the Club Night PED.

We're going to have Multi Coloured Swap Shop... (anyone under 40 probably may not get the reference). If you have anything you don't need, want to give away, swap, sell, bring it along.  

Photo magazines, old cameras, lenses, filters, bags, books, anything photo related or not.

Even if you have something you'd just like to show the group - an old camera perhaps?

I'm also hoping we can display some photos on the television - try and bring along 5 photos on a memory stick that you'd like to share with the group.

For dates please see the events page.

Location is  The Mailmans Arms in Lyndhurst. 

Parking is I believe free in Lyndhurst after 6pm.   The event will run from around 6pm to 9/10pm, and good food will be available from the pub throughout.

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Photo Experience Day Review
"I have attended many of Michael Palmers PED events over the past 2 years, ranging from informal socials wandering around London to more structured events such as Long Exposure, Wire wool and Light Painting events. I have improved my photography greatly during that timeframe, not just switching from Auto to Manual, but the more important aspect of composition of the subject matter. The events are educational and enjoyable but done in an informal setting without the 'pomp & ceremony' that other professionals seem to adopt.   Highly recommended."


I've been using Aurora HDR 2018 for a while now, and when used properly (ie sparingly) I've been really rather impressed by the results possible from it.  This photo, for example, was merged from 3 images taken at different exposures (exposing for the buildings and sky).  Although good results are also possible to obtain from single images.  

However, don't take my word for it, download the free trail version for yourself and give it a go.