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Dungeness & Rye Workshop Weekend

A special weekend in deepest darkest Kent as we'll be exploring the desolate wastelands of Dungeness.  Wait, I'm not exactly selling this very well am I?   Actually it's a wonderful place, a photographers paradise, in a dark, bleak, depressing way.  I love photographing there, and hopefully you'll see what I mean after you've visited.

As a bonus, and why it's such a special weekend, we'll be combining it with Rye Bonfire night on the Saturday, which is, or at least was the last time I visited, quite the most wonderfully bonkers firework / bonfire evening you've ever likely to have attended.  I've been inching to return for a few years, but it's always clashed with a different event, but this year, it's on!

I'm also hoping we'll have time to visit Bodium Castle. 

Event dates:
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November 2017

Event Location: 
Rye & Dungeness

£125 for the weekend

Please contact me via my contact page

What will be covered

  • Using a "10-stopper" ND filter
  • Manual mode - using Shutter, Aperture, and ISO
  • Composition - Some basic tips to help achieve a well balanced photograph
  • Post Processing - Using some of the images taken on the trip, I'll be demonstrating my post processing technique
  • Astro Photography (clear skies permitting)

In addition if you have any specific questions, I'll be there to help throughout.

Recommended equipment (but not necessarily essential)

  • Digital camera (ideally SLR or mirrorless)
  • A 10-stopper neutral density filter
  • A wide (ish) angle lens that you can attach the ND filter to
  • A long telephoto lens to compress distance in landscapes, and for wildlife
  • Extra camera batteries as some cameras tend to eat batteries while doing long exposures.
  • Spare memory card
  • Appropriate clothing
  • A tripod is essential for this PED
  • A remote cable trigger will make things easier
  • A torch - should we venture out at night


Photo Experience Day Review
“From a beginner I have now attended a couple of experience days and social evenings...  All have been fun as well as educational. The social days are a great way to meet like minded people, share experiences while getting more practice with the camera and I hope to do more soon.”